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Welcome to Write for us News. We are a company that provides content for news portals, websites, blogs, and personal blogs. The content is often for a business or organization sector. The content often contains words or statements that have been made by others, but are not necessarily true. 

The content needs to be written for the purpose of Quote Ideas, Start quote, end quote. This can be a quote from someone that is making a statement about the news in the industry or business sector.

What is write for us?

The content that you create for us will be for posting on news portals, blogs, websites, or e-magazines. We need you to create quotes from a person in your industry or sector. The quote will be in regards to the news in the sector. This will be an opinion piece of news that would have happened in the month previously.

This presents a great opportunity for you to expand your client base and add valuable experience writing reviews and articles. As a writer, it will also help with your SEO writing skills. Your articles that you have written can be published with other similar articles on news portals by our management team.

Why is Guest Posting Important for your business?

Guest posting is important for your business because it will help expand your reach to new clients. It can also help with your search engine ranking. To post on the news portal site, first you need to create an account in the news portal site. Then you have to login the account and click on the submit news feature on their website. 

Then you have to add a title for your article, write about 2000 words for minimum, and provide a quote from someone in your industry or sector that is making a statement about the news in the current day or previous month. The quote needs to be famous or well-known people that are viewed as an authority figure. The quote has to be real and not made up.

Guidelines to Follow For Article Submission:-

1. Your article has to be 2000 words.

2. Your article has to be a Quote from the famous people in your industry or sector.

3. Your quote has to be real and not made up. 

4. You can choose up to 3 quotes that you want in your article, or you can use down to 1 when writing for us.

5. You will have to provide the facts about your quote.

6. Your article needs to be for posting on news portal sites, blogs, or websites.

7. We have a team that does SEO writing and article posting on the news portal sites.

8. Please provide an example of your writing in your application, we need to see examples of your work if you want to apply for this position.

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What Kind Of Articles Do We Publish?

We publish a wide array of articles, however most of them are for your business. The content that we post is to help your client reach a larger audience and earn more money from the readers. 

What Type of Business Are you Running?

We try to publish articles on businesses that are related to the news in the industry or sector. Our writers will create news about and for your industry or sector. This helps with SEO for your business. This can be a review article about a new product, service, or anything that you created to help get more exposure for your business online. 

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